3 Reasons to Use Instagram

Balloon Girl | Karina Louise Photography

Lately, I’ve been kind of addicted to Instagram. I have found that I appreciate it for a few different reasons.

For Relationships

One reason why so many people are doing online dating these days is that it’s a good way to “weed out” the people you don’t want to spend your time with. One of the things I like about Instagram is that it’s a quick visual way to get a “life-snap-shot” of a potential love match. I recommend that my online dating photo clients check out potential matches on Instagram before even going out on a first date. It should give some info about what they are truly interested in and how they see the world.
Instagram Collage | Karina Louise Photography

For Business

Companies and startups with interesting Instagram profiles usually have an easier time finding new recruits, customers and other opportunities. I tell my corporate photography clients to empower people in their firms to contribute to the corporate culture by regularly updating their feed with interesting pics that make the business look more approachable. People want to work at fun companies. If a social media medium can make a company feel like a friend, it’s always good for recruiting the best employees.

Instagram Business Collage | Karina Louise Photography

For Fun

Instagram is a creative person’s dream. It gives its users a platform to experiment, illustrate and curate. And as a San Francisco photographer, I find lots of inspiration on it. It’s a wonderful outlet to share photos of all kinds as well as be inspired by others all over the world. I was just looking back on my instagram feed and enjoying how doing something as small as posting a photo everyday can add up to such a fun and diverse collection.

Instagram Collage | Karina Louise Photography


If you’re not on there already, I highly recommend it. To help get you started here are some of my favorite San Francisco based photographers:

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