A Valentines Question for Your Online You

Valentines Day Photos for online datingIs your photo helping you or preventing you from getting a Valentine’s Date?

Over the past few years my busiest month for online dating photos always seems to be January. It took me a while to figure out what was going on.

Valentine’s Day!

Personally, I have never really thought much about the holiday. I don’t have anything against it per se, but I have just never paid that much attention to it regardless of whether I was single or in a relationship.

But, with all the commercialism and pressure, I know it really is a big deal for some people. And, since the day is supposed to be about love, I understand that as it draws near, even the busiest and most successful people start to think about not being alone.  It is nice to have some company on that day of the year in particular.

There are tons of good and bad things about online dating. Just like dating in real life, there are tips and tricks to help, of course, but sometimes it feels like a mystery. But the one thing about it that really isn’t though to understand is the photo.

FACT: If your photo looks good, you will get more responses online.

Some people wonder why they aren’t getting any responses from the people they message online. One good first place to look is at their photos.

1. Does this photo make you seem approachable?

2. Are you looking into the camera?

3. Does at least one photo show your whole body?

4. For women, are you wearing too much make-up?

5. Are you smiling, and is it believable?

It’s hard to trust a “glamor shot” or one that comes across as a lie but at the same time one that is “too honest” (an unprofessional snap shot from your camera phone) isn’t really the best way to go either. In a recent article, I shared some of my top tips on avoiding fake photos.

One of my favorite things as an online dating photographer is to get good feedback from the hundreds of singles that I work with. And I have the pleasure over and over again to hear about the result of finally getting good photos up: they get more dates. This makes me happy and feels like a win-win for everyone!