Karina Louise is a portrait photographer in San FranciscoI am not your average portrait photographer in San Francisco.

I used to be terrified of having my picture taken. I believed I just wasn’t photogenic. But, after living with a photographer for many years, things changed. I discovered numerous ways to relax and be myself in front of the camera. This personal experience translated into becoming a portrait photographer in San Francisco.

Specializing in social media photography has allowed me to help people to make their faces to stand out in a crowd. I believe each person has a unique spark inside and by creating a relaxed environment for my clients, I am able to capture fantastic online dating photos and do on location corporate photography. In addition to this work I have also co-founded Seeing Beauty, an educational and inspirational resource to help women thrive in the world of small business.

Comfort is key to authenticity and authenticity is key to creating a life you love. Whether partnering with clients for natural photos, or with women to create small business success, I am passionate about helping people to discover their individual beauty and bringing it out for the world to see.

Photo of Karina above by Erica Bean Photography.

I would love to meet you!

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