I believe that…

everyone has a unique spark inside!

Natural light portraits are my passion.

I used to be terrified of having my picture taken. I considered myself camera shy. But, after experimenting for many years, I discovered numerous ways to relax and be myself in front of the camera. This personal process transformed the way I shoot portraits. My love for capturing each client’s unique essence led me to taking natural profile pictures for professionals in San Francisco and now in Vancouver, Canada.

My photography blends environmental portraiture with lifestyle photography. By creating a relaxed atmosphere and photographing dynamic people in natural environments, I am able to capture the unique spark I believe we all have inside.


Fantastic photography makes your face stand out in a virtual crowd.

By confidently communicating who you are, you can more easily find what you are looking for. Whether partnering with companies for polished yet natural profile pictures, or with singles to boost their confidence in the sometimes overwhelming dating game, I am passionate about helping people to discover their individual beauty and helping them show it to the world.