This month I had the privilege of spending the day with modern fempreneur Joy Nordenstrom. This brilliant and highly energetic woman has taken her passions for love and lasting relationships and turned them into a thriving business called Joy of Romance.

When asked how she feels about the term, ‘fempreneur’ she smiles.

“I think women’s brains are far superior for being entrepreneurs than are our counterparts due to the fact that we are well designed to be able to multitask, empathize, see the bigger picture and incorporate creative ways to reach our desired outcome. I’m down with being a fempreneur.”

During our short time at her downtown office, we met three eligible bachelors.

“Are you single? … here’s my card”. I would have thought she was pretty forward if she wasn’t already in a very happy, long-term partnership.

When taking meetings downtown, she prefers the sophistication and comfort of the members-only club, Wingtip. This San Francisco gentleman’s style club serves as a perfect complement to her work.

I asked Joy, what is the most difficult part of matchmaking?

“The most challenging part of matchmaking is trying to gauge whether or not a couple will have chemistry. They can look great on paper but it’s up to their genetic biology, the way they smell to each other and their visual preferences as to whether or not they will be more than just friends.”


Before our interview, I thought of Joy as primarily a matchmaker. But I soon found out that she offers all sorts of other services. “I’m all about love. I help people in all stages of relationship from single through the bumps in the road of married life.”

I asked Joy about the new “Love Stories” service that will soon be offered by Joy of Romance.

“Excited doesn’t begin to describe how I feel about the new Love Story service! Letting us capture your Love Story in both an audio and a visual way is better than 50 hours of marriage therapy and far better for the health of your kids and grandkids’ future loving relationships!  There are studies behind the importance of looking back fondly at your good times together. Our service helps make this possible in a beautiful way!”

But perhaps the sweetest and most heart opening challenge of Joy’s life is her growing baby boy.

“It’s so hard to name just one of my favorite parts of being a Mom. I’m loving every moment of it! I’d have to say having a giggle-fest with my little guy is just about as good as it gets!”

For more information about Joy and her work, please visit  Joy of Romance.