Business Headshot Location Tips

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Since professional profile pictures are my specialty, I am constantly exploring what it means to take a great headshot. Every person is different, but it doesn’t matter whether you are taking a social media headshot or business portrait; there are some things that stay the same. I have written in previous blogs about what to wear in corporate photos, what not to wear, given natural make-up tips and talked about how to build your confidence. However, there is something to be said for where you are taking the photos, and creating an environment conducive to getting that perfect shot.

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I take corporate headshots for various firms, large and small in the Bay Area. The following is a list of things I keep in mind when choosing a location for these shoots.

Go Outside- I encourage businesses to move outside for their corporate photos. It creates dynamic shots with beautiful, flattering light and it’s so much easier to find interesting backgrounds. Unless your office space is really unique and picturesque, staying inside for portraits will limit the quality of your executive portraits.

Light- Having a shaded area is important to ensure soft light. A rooftop may seem like a good idea, but if it only has super bright sunlight it probably won’t be very easy to get flattering headshots. If you are shooting several members of the same team, keeping a similar light adds continuity between photos.

Not Too Busy- It goes without saying, but when people are more comfortable their photos tend to come out better. Trying to have a photo taken with a big crowd around makes it difficult to relax. Check out quiet side streets, or a local park where there will be fewer people.

Close to the Office- Logistically speaking this is especially important when you are taking headshots of several employees on the same day.

Variety of Backgrounds- Although it’s nice to have a matching style of background between employees, it’s still a good idea to aim for some variety. Mix it up and look for interesting architecture or greenery. As long as the photos are all taken in a similar style having slightly varied backgrounds will keep the photos interesting and unique between executives.

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