Checks and Balances. Who Pays?

Check Please?
Check Please?

Is it a matter of etiquette? Perhaps it’s a question of culture. Or maybe it’s one of those things that most would classify as a predicament of our modern age. With the rise of feminine empowerment of all kinds and the natural questions that this kind of “progress” creates, I find myself wondering:

If a man asks me out for dinner and then proceeds to take me to a fancy restaurant, should I assume he is paying?

It could be a question of socio-economic standing or even a question of initiation. But I think in this day and age with so many conflicting ideas and preferences about gender roles there is so much that can get lost in the shuffle.

And I find, if I’m honest, my ideas about this are all mixed up. I see good and bad to both. Sometimes it feels nice to be treated, as a person and even as a “lady”. But then I might find myself asking, “If I assume he pays, what does he assume of me?”

I consider myself to be pretty open minded and progressive, but this one kinda has me stumped…