Corporate Culture: East Coast vs West Coast

San Francisco office building

Ever since I began to specialize in corporate photography, I have been hearing a lot of this:

“I moved to SF recently from the East Coast, so I need to update my LinkedIn photo.”

Is it really that different?

There are many stereotypes of the differences between the two coasts. For example, the West Coast is more laid back and casual. People rarely wear suits to work in any industry, and definitely not in tech (which is one of the biggest industries here in the Bay Area). Or, the East Coast being more traditional and formal.

Having only visited (and not lived in) the East Coast of America, I’m starting to understand, through my clients, how corporate cultures vary from Coast to Coast.

Since LinkedIn is now one of the first places recruiters and hiring companies look, its important that your photo reflects the culture of where you want to be. This obviously doesn’t mean that you should look scruffy and unprofessional, but wearing a full suit in a studio may look out of place when applying for a creative tech job on the West Coast.

Although this Oatmeal comic is a bit harsh, it made me chuckle, and I think it sums up the difference quite well.