Could your holiday use a Jar Sweater?

Mason Jar Sweater hipster man | Karina Louise Photography

Although the holidays can be a hectic time for all of us, I try to focus on them as a time for coziness and warmth. In the Bay Area, and many other places, the weather is a bit more brisk this time of year, and we all get to enjoy those yummy holiday beverages including Egg Nog, cider and various kinds of spiced coffees. I love these delicious moments almost as much as I love taking professional profile pictures.

So recently when one of my favorite San Francisco photography clients told me she was launching a new business and needed some Look Book style product shots, I jumped at the chance to blend two things I love! This seemed a great opportunity to work with her again and experiment with a different flavor of social media photos.

Donna Carroll in home studio | Karina Louise Photography

Donna Carroll recently launched a creative handmade business called Jar Sweater. Jar Sweater was born out of Donna’s love for wool and mason jars. She wanted to find a way to keep her morning coffee warm and her hand cool. She has accomplished this elegantly by upcycling wool sweaters from local thrift stores and turning them into beautiful felt-textured ‘sweaters’ for mason jars. So creative!

I had the pleasure of photographing a variety of colors and styles for her website and social media outlets. We had fun finding ways to highlight the jars and make her marketing materials ‘Pinterest-worthy’,

So if you are still looking for a super fun gift for someone on your list or just want to start the new year off with a set of something innovative, upcycled and full of heart, this might be the perfect cozy idea. Be sure to check out her website and follow along on instagram: @jarsweater

Jar Sweaters | Karina Louise Photography

Jar Sweater with tea | Karina Louise Photography

Urban Jar Sweater | Karina Louise Photography

Jar Sweater Mascot | Karina Louise Photography

Holiday Mason Jar Sweater | Karina Louise Photography