Embarrassed About Online Dating?

I began focusing my photography on online dating portfolio pictures over a year ago. The reason was simple: EVERYONE is doing it. In this digital age where most people have a personal computer or smart phone and almost no time in their schedule to actually meet people, it seemed like an obvious niche need to cater to.

The other day I asked a client who I had an especially great shoot with if I could use their photos on my site. They sent me this email the following day:


Hi Karina,

I just wanted to say I had a great time working with you too and I love the photos! I’m a bit apprehensive about putting my photos on your site as I’m somewhat embarrassed about online dating in general and it feels sort of permanent having them on your site as opposed to

Match and eHarmony where I can just delete the account at any time.
I would love to help you promote your photography, but I’m
embarrassed to be doing online dating… I hope that doesn’t seem
strange or uncool.

Best,  D

Online Dating Statistics- The Facts

In the US 48 % of men and 58% of women use online dating sites with over 20 million people worldwide  log into a dating site at least one per month.

Studies done by both The Washington Post and Reuters suggest that online dating is currently worth over 1 billion dollars per year.

In 2008, the use of online dating resulted in 120,000 marriages.

Is Online Dating “Un-cool”?- The Fiction

With all these facts at hand, I can’t help but ask myself, what are we so embarrassed about? Sure, a few decades ago meeting someone online was an event saved for extreme introverts and those lacking certain social graces, but today, with online dating as SUCH a booming and effective way to meet people, I can’t help but wonder why the stigma still lingers…