Fall in Love with San Francisco this Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s just around the corner, it seemed a great excuse to write about love. Whether you’re new in town or you’ve lived here your whole life, I think we can all agree that San Francisco is a beautiful city. I feel so privileged and happy to call this place home. As an online dating photographer I know all to well the pressures single people can feel, especially around Valentine’s Day. Not all of us have a partner right now, nor are we necessarily looking for one!

So instead of worrying about having someone on your arm this Valentine’s, why not make a date with the city and go fall in love with San Francisco instead? If you’re having trouble knowing where to start, here are a few San Francisco experiences I love the most.

Take a neighborhood stroll.

I feel like just wandering around the streets of SF is entertainment enough for me. I found this great row of Victorian houses next to the infamous Painted Ladies in Alamo Square.

Victorian Houses in SF | Karina Louise Photography


Walk along the beach.

Even though I would never dream of going swimming or even laying on the beaches here because it’s so cold, they are still truly beautiful. One of my favorites is Ocean Beach.

Ocean Beach in SF | Karina Louise Photography


Bridge Jog.

I especially like the iconic and magnificent Golden Gate Bridge. Why not grab a friend and go for a jog across the bridge. The views are amazing.

Golden Gate Bridge | Karina Louise Photography


Buy yourself flowers.

There’s no need to wait for someone else to buy you some overpriced Valentine’s roses. There are so many sweet flower shops in every neighborhood. This is one of my favorites on Union Street called The Bud Stop.

Flower Shop in SF | Karina Louise Photography


Get a cup of joe.

It truly is endless how many great lattes you can get in this city! These ones are from the cutest coffee stand in Potrero Hill called Papa November.

Lattes in SF | Karina Louise Photography


Make new friends.

I love that the people here are so open and fun and hungry to try new things. This photo was taken at a Silent Disco on the beach and won’t be happening for Valentine’s, but I did hear that there’ll be a giant pillow fight on February 14th, which just proves my point.

Silent Disco in SF | Karina Louise Photography