Fashion Alert: How to Get Better Photos With a Personal Stylist!

Casual Men's outfit | Karina Louise Photography

Every once in a while one of my clients really surprises me.

As a San Francisco photographer I get asked so many questions about wardrobe. Each of my natural portrait shoots comes with a few changes of clothing to create variety and make sure that we get that perfect online dating photo or business portrait. But sometimes I am taken aback by their fashion choices.

Recently I had a very positive experience with shock when a client showed up extremely well-dressed. Not necessarily over-the-top trendy, but just good quality nicely fitted clothing that looked like it might have been made specifically for him. So, I asked my 52 year-old client his secret. He immediately started gushing about his amazing stylist.

Casual Men's Fashion | Karina Louise Photography

“I really have no clue about clothes. This is especially an issue for me lately because I’ve just started dating again and I know that first impression makes a huge difference! When I hired Mimi, we went through my closet together and she was brutally honest with me about getting rid of all the pieces that were not flattering, out of date or even frumpy. After the de-cluttering, we met up a week later and went shopping together. When I arrived, she had picked out a bunch of clothing ahead of time so I just went straight to the changing room to try things on. As a guy who has never liked shopping this was perfect and much appreciated! We found several pieces that her and I both liked. Now I feel so much more confident in my clothing!”

After such a glowing recommendation I just had to get in touch with Mimi Glumac. Professional profile pictures can always be improved through fabulous fashion choices. This is exactly what so many of my busy clients are looking for!

Men's Fashion | Karina Louise Photography

After a lovely little phone chat with Mimi, I understood why she is so busy at work these days as a personal stylist. With extensive experience in the corporate world, she had decided to take fashion into her own hands and help people to find their own visual identity. One of the things I liked best about Mimi’s service is that although she loves fashion, she isn’t going to put you in clothing that doesn’t suit you. This isn’t about dressing you up to be someone else, it’s about finding clothes that make you feel great. This commitment to being true to yourself and maintaining personal identity is also a core value of my own photography business.

I was surprised to find that 80% of Mimi’s clients are women. I get that, generally speaking females are more fashion forward. But in the San Francisco online dating and tech scene I feel that there is a huge opportunity for gentlemen to take advantage of having someone on their side to make them more successful in the wardrobe department. (A session with Mimi might make a great gift for that fashionably-challenged man in your life.)

Located here in SF, whether you can’t find anything to wear for your photoshoot or you’ve just started a new job and want to look great, I suggest you get in touch with Mimi!