Fogust is Over!

Golden Gate Bridge
As anyone that lives in San Francisco knows, there is a strange phenomenon that occurs in the month of August. Although it is very warm in the rest of California, and even other parts of the Bay Area, it is cold and foggy in the City. This is caused by the collision of the hot inland air with the cool ocean air and the pressure zone that this creates. We call it Fogust.

Regardless of whether I am doing corporate photography or online dating photos, I usually shoot outside. In my experience this creates relaxed environment for natural portraits and usually brings out my clients’ real personality. You would think that this month is kind of a bummer for shooting outdoor portraits. On the contrary, if you can brave the cold, the light for shooting headshots is actually really beautiful. The sky becomes a gigantic soft box and the light is incredibly flattering throughout the day. So, although it’s been a little chilly, I’ve had the opportunity to take many beautiful natural headshots outdoors in SF this past month.

That being said, I am excited to welcome a little more sunshine! In order to celebrate the clearing of the fog, I have put together a little Fogust Pinterest board to honor the kind of beauty that is unique to San Francisco.