Fun Faces Roundup /1

There are 100 reasons why I love being a San Francisco photographer. But my number one is simple:

The People

Their faces and stories make my job fun, and I can’t imagine doing anything other than portrait photography. Every day I have the opportunity to meet new and interesting people living in my favorite city, San Francisco. I get to spend time with them and by getting to know them just a little bit, help them get new profile pictures that they love. It’s definitely a win for everyone.

The photo that we’re usually aiming for is the relaxed, natural headshot that they can use as either an online dating photo or as a business portrait. But along the way, we often tend to be silly. This kind of fun and laughter is something I love and wanted to share with you.

I’m excited to start a regular feature here to highlight some of my favorite candid fun faces. So without further ado, here is the first KLP Fun Faces Roundup- Enjoy!

laughing portrait of woman

silly portrait of man in san francisco

funny photo of woman by karina louise

laughing portrait of san francisco man

silly portrait of woman in san francisco

candid portrait of woman