Fun Faces Roundup/2: I dare you!

Fun profile pictures in San Francisco

Recently, I took my own advice and cleaned up!

Being a social media photographer includes more than just taking great profile pics. It means helping people to look their best online. In this digital world, regardless of the work we do, to a greater or lesser extent, we are our own brand. It’s just that simple.

So, the other day I was looking through and cleaning up my Facebook profile photos when I noticed something. The ones I like the best, and I got the most likes/comments on were the ones where I was being a little silly. Sure it’s important to post a flattering and professional headshot on LinkedIn (I am definitely not suggesting doing a duck face in your next corporate headshot!) But it’s also liberating and fun on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram or dating sites like OKCupid to post a photo of yourself that makes you – and probably others – smile. Rather than just saying that you’re fun and like to laugh in your profile, post a secondary photo where you actually show that.

I dare you: In your dating profile, or at least on your Facebook page, post a photo that’s a little sillier than usual. One that isn’t necessarily the most flattering, but one that makes you smile. A little more show than tell can illustrate a bigger story and makes us all a bit more human in a digital environment. I bet the results will surprise you!

Creative profile pictures in San Francisco

Creative profile photos in San Francisco

Creative profile pictures in San Francisco