Getting Naked

I have found that the best way to get natural photos of my clients is to help them to get naked. Its important to avoid the fake smile, the one I call “the mask”. It’s that pose we all snap into whenever anyone utters the phrase, “Say cheese!”

This expression produces bad photos because it’s not the real you.

My photography is different because I understand that comfort is the key to your best pictures. My process is simple and continues to garner the same results: real smiles from real people. The kind of smiles that we all give when someone we love says something that makes us happy. My goal is authenticity, to bring out the naked, honest you.

But there are some simple things I suggest to all of my clients to make sure that they get their best photo possible from our shoot together. Here are my top 5 photo tips:

Commit to your shoot. If you are being convinced by someone else to get your photo taken, your resistance will more than likely show up all over your face. When you make the decision, surrender to it and allow yourself to get excited.

Go through your current photos. Take a look at the photos you already have. What do you notice? What do you like? What do you hate? What’s missing? If you can answer these questions, you will be better able to get what you need out of your photo session.

Get centered beforehand. I highly recommend meditation, prayer, or even just going for a walk. This creates a less stressed mental and emotional space for you to produce your most natural pictures.

Digital is not forever. Keep in mind that while many photos will be taken during any given shoot, most can be discarded. The more relaxed you are about taking more shots, the more likely you are to get your “perfect shot” out of your photo shoot.

Be yourself. When you show up to the shoot, don’t come dressed as someone else. It’s important to choose clothing, make-up and hair styles that you would choose on an everyday basis. We are trying to create photos that represent you -the way you would answer the door on your first date or what you might look like during a job interview.