How About We: Taking Dating Offline

As an online dating photographer, I get to hear all sorts of dating successes and struggles. On some level, most of us wish that the man or woman of our dreams would just walk through the door of our gym, sit next to us at the bar or start up a fascinating conversation at a friend’s party. But, after spending enough time with that not happening, many people decide to take fate into their own hands and look online.

It’s a big world and everyone is doing it, right?

Most of my clients are already on or, but are looking for something  more simple and less time consuming. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a online dating website where you could just post your favorite natural photos and not have to fill out endless survey questions? And, instead of the long online courtship of impersonal messaging, you could just meet up with someone you find attractive and do a fun activity? If yes, I think you might be in luck.

I just found out about a new dating site that is getting a lot of attention. How About We is hoping to change the process of meeting people online. It’s all about suggesting creative dates, and getting people offline. This site is for singles and couples as it also has an entire section dedicated to getting creative date ideas when you are already in a relationship. To me, this sounds way more fun and productive because it’s an inventive way to get to know what someone likes and how they would enjoy spending their time. It takes the long and sometimes tenuous process of “online dating” into real life. It is also a great way, once you have found love online, to keep the relationship fresh.

I’m curious to read more reviews about How About We as it gains in popularity. Check it out and be sure to let me know what you think.