Is it Normal to Be Nervous?

nervous about photosWe all seek different types of attention in our daily lives. Because portrait photography in San Francisco attracts so many different types of clients, I meet people every day in very different situations. Many of my business clients, who are coming to me to update their LinkedIn profile picture, are very successful. They are quite often powerful and well established people who are used to thriving in high-stress situations. My business portrait photography is usually requested by lawyers, tech executives, entrepreneurs and other highly capable individuals.

Other clients that come to me are looking for social media pictures or online dating help through capturing their true essence in photos. And while these individuals come from more creative and varied vocational backgrounds, for the most part, they have are thriving members of the community and have also experienced high levels of personal success in their lives.

And yet, the one thing that everyone seems to have in common usually comes to me in the form of a confession:

“I have to admit that I am extremely nervous for our shoot together!”

Getting your photo taken is not something you can think your way through.  In fact, often, the less you think about it, the better it will be. My job is to help people ‘forget’ that they are getting their photo taken.

3 Simple Tricks to Relax During Photo Shoots

Movement Helps– Jump up and down a few times before you start your shoot. Physically let go of your anxiety by shaking it out. This helps to re-set your smile and energy. It may seem super simple, but it totally works.

Less is Not More– Take tons of photos! In this digital age, we can delete all photos that aren’t completely flattering, and if we’re lucky, we’re left with several gems.

Ask Questions– I find the best photos are when someone is telling me about something that they’re really interested in or excited about. I love having an ongoing conversation during the shoot, and waiting for those shining moments.

So, the Answer is YES; it’s absolutely normal to be nervous for a photo-shoot. No matter who you are, it can be a new and potentially awkward experience which naturally causes fear. And yet, 100% of my clients tell me afterwards, that not only are they happy with the photos, but that the shoot itself was actually a fun experience.