Is Lying About Your Age OK?

When I’m taking online dating photos, the subject of age often comes up. Knowing someone’s age helps me to understand where he or she is coming from, and whom they are ultimately hoping to attract with their photos.

Recently, I asked a male client about his age and somehow he convinced me to guess. After much hesitation, I said 33. He grinned, confessing that he was actually 46. He then went on to say that he lies on his online dating profile and writes that he is 34.

I then proceeded to ask what he was looking for in his online dating experience. He said he wants a long-term relationship and to start a family, and that he prefers women in their 20s or early 30s.

“I look young, and I take good care of myself, so when I enter my real age in my online dating profile I often get filtered from people in the age range I want to meet.”

This interaction really got me thinking and reminded me of the reason why I love taking natural portraits. I help people establish an online presence that really represents them. Not airbrushed or embellished. A good photo helps people avoid any big surprises when meeting in person. What you see is what you get.

Starting off a relationship with lies most likely isn’t going to end well. However, I do understand this dilemma, so I came up with a solution for the people who really do look much younger than they actually are.

3 Online Dating Profile Tips for Age Issues:
1) Post recent photos that are representative of what you look like now.
2) Write the age that you feel in the part of your profile that gets filtered in search results.
3) In your online dating bio, clearly write your real age with a brief explanation about why you feel the need to lie.

If someone is interested in meeting you, they will click on your photo and read your profile. They will then have all the information they might need before beginning communication.