KLP 2014 Roundup: Love, sweaters and my best photo tips!

One of the things I love when blogging about my life as a San Francisco photographer is the chance to get real feedback from the people in my Bay Area community. In 2014 there were a lot of fun stories sharing health tips, photo tips and more that were super popular with all of you. So in the spirit of nostalgia and to launch us into an even healthier and happier 2015, here are my picks of the best of last year. I hope you enjoy!

1. More Water = Better Photos My photography business in San Francisco centers around natural headshots. Many people spend unnecessary hours getting ready when actually the best photo tip is to drink more water!

Karina Louise drinking water

2. Relaxing Your Face in Photos  I specialize in getting the best natural headshots from people who really hate having their photo taken. There are simple ways to help people relax so that we can capture photos that let their unique spirit shine through.

3. Recover Like A Rock Star There is a way to say yes to those fabulous invites and still make it to your business portrait shoot the next day!

Hangover Remedies | Karina Louise Photography

4. Girl’s Night Out One of the largest and most effective online dating sites around is match.com and I had such a fun shoot at this special event. Taking professional profile pictures of people who want to meet their life partner is exciting and just the idea that a natural portrait I took would get the attention of someone’s future spouse makes me smile.

5. The Jar Sweater One of my favorite San Francisco photography clients is Donna Carroll. She upcycles wool sweaters from local thrift stores and turns them into beautiful felt-textured ‘sweaters’ for mason jars. Corporate photography shots like this are such fun especially with such a cool product!

Jar Sweater Mascot | Karina Louise Photography

6. Single? Five Steps to Sorting FastI meet a lot of great people in the course of my work and it was great to have Joy Nordenstrom as a guest in one of my posts. She shared her tips with me on how my clients can improve their chances of finding ‘the one’ faster!

Joy Nordenstrom | Karina Louise Photography

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