KLP Favorite Find: Scream for Ice Cream


After recently moving to a new neighborhood in the City, I have decided to make more of an effort in 2014 to get to know the Bay Area a little better. As a non-San Francisco native, I am always excited to discover how much this beautiful city has to offer. And while my photo shoots have taken me to spots such as Golden Gate Park, Union Square, Crissy Fields and the SFMOMA, there are still so many little cafes and shops and other happenings that seem to be starting up here every day.

And so, as a new regular feature, I will be taking my camera around and reporting back about some of the wonder I find here.

New Year’s Resolution #1: Eat Better Ice Cream

While there is always room for ice cream, all ice cream is not created equally. I love ice cream and the Ice Cream Bar in Cole Valley is hands down one of the most delicious and inventive places in which I have ever consumed it!

Whether you are looking for a unique little scoop or an elaborate phosphate or float, this place has something to satisfy your sweet tooth. Open daily from 12-10, it’s a wonderful spot to stop by in the daytime for a quick lunch or for a nightcap on a date or with friends.


Personally, I recommend the Root beer float with the flaming sassafras marshmallow. Amazing!