KLP Reading List: De-stressing the Job Hunt

The variety my San Francisco photography work brings me, by way of both people and topics, is truly exciting. A few months back, I started a little blog series highlighting the stuff that my clients are always asking me about. This one is for my corporate photography clients.

With opportunities booming here in the Bay Area, it feels like every other day I meet someone who is considering their job options. Once you have the perfect business portrait, as we all know, there is a lot more to getting that perfect position. So for all of you out there on the job hunt, I put together a list of some helpful links that might make that process a little less bumpy.
Image via Karina Louise Photography

Tips for Women: Ladies, this article has info on what to wear to look great and feel confident for an interview. There is also some LinkedIn photo clothing inspiration in here. Verily magazine shows you how to rock your interview!

Tips for Techies: A new SF startup that helps get you Hired. Be sure to check it out if you’ve been wanting to put yourself on the job market.

Tips for Men: My Pinterest addiction has led to a board for men (job hunting or not). It provides a little clothing inspiration for San Francisco tech guys. I like to call it Startup Style.

Networking No No’s: I’m not a huge fan of networking but I actually found some of the tips in this article super helpful. Business development expert, Shaleah Dawnyel provides some great tips!

Getting the Interview: So much of job hunting is finding creative ways to stand out from the crowd. This woman made a resume out of Legos! What might you do to get noticed? Thanks Brit & Co.

How to Rock LinkedIn: We all know that LinkedIn has become crucial in todays job search. I’ve got you covered on the photo side of things, and LinkedIn Makeover will clean up the rest!