KLP Reading List: Spring Dating

Two cups of coffee by Karina Louise

I have a bit of a confession to make: I am a serial procrastinator. My work in San Francisco keeps me interested in many topics such as online dating, natural beauty and corporate photography. But with so many interesting things to check out, my list of online reading seems to be growing and growing daily! There’s just so many fun blogs out there that I find interesting and helpful in my work and life.

So, I thought I might start a little series to share some of my favorite articles with you. Whether you are just getting into this online dating thing, or you want to look your best naturally, or you want to take better pictures, I’ve got you covered. And since the season is changing, in the interest of Spring, I think we should start with one of my favorite topics: LOVE.

Shadow couple in San Francisco by Karina Louise


Do you still think that meeting the love of your life online is a bit taboo? Think again! Rock n’ Roll Bride sets the record straight in this article about the current state of online dating.

Could it be time to do some Spring cleaning for your love life? April Beyer gives us five simple tips for bringing fresh energy to dating.

For guys searching for love: is it possible that you might be part of the problem? This is a great little article that breaks down some classic mistakes aka 7 reasons why you’re repelling women.

And gentlemen, now that you know what NOT to do when looking for the right girl, here are 3 things women find irresistible.

Ladies, if you have found love already but are not totally sure where it is leading to, this is a great article : 4 ways to know if he wants to marry you.

If you’re looking for a little extra hand-holding from a dating coach, then Sonya from Her Aspiration has done all the research for you with her post outlining the top 27 trusted relationship experts.