Living Out Loud with Conscious Dancer Magazine

One of the keys to enjoying life is expression. Experiencing the freedom to not only identify what you want and need but having the power to convey it, is an invaluable ability. That’s one of the reasons I love dancing. Its very essence is an open, visual way to show emotions, thoughts and impulses to the world.

A photo of mine is currently being featured on the cover of the most recent issue (published Sept 15th) of Conscious Dancer magazine. Conscious Dancer is a quarterly active lifestyle magazine that celebrates transformative dance, mind-body fitness, and energy movement arts.

I had such a great time during my photo session with co-founder, Aspen Madrone, her daughter Geneva, as well as Anjali Sawhney and her family. The shoot was set up to support an article about the benefits of dance during pregnancy and I was happy to participate in the merriment.  The issue highlights how fun dancing together as a family can be and I felt so fortunate to be a part of such a lovely day of living out loud.