Make Your Online Dating Profile Better with Full Body Photos

Natural Portrait Of Woman in Nature | Karina Louise Photography There are countless online dating profiles where the primary photo is appealing, but when you click to see more photos of the person, the only shots they have are a really close crop of their face (perhaps cutting an ex out of the photo), or out of focus headshots of them with sunglasses on.

It’s not that people require someone to have the body of a supermodel; it’s just nice to know what the whole person actually looks like! As an online dating profile photographer, many clients come to me because they have been unable to get a good shot themselves. It’s not always so easy to take a great photo that shows your figure, that doesn’t look too staged, and is still flattering.

Natural Portrait Of Woman in Nature | Karina Louise Photography

What makes the best online dating profiles work?

The best online dating profiles show the real person that you are. I’m not recommending a shot in your bathing suit. Online dating photos don’t have to be provocative or revealing, I’m just talking about a photo or two that shows what you look like from the neck down.

A tasteful body shot on your online dating profile can help you to:

  • Avoid surprises
  • Get more attention
  • Attract the right people
  • Natural Portrait Of Woman in Nature | Karina Louise Photography

    My top full body photo tips:

    Simple things make a big difference. These tips will help improve your appearance and general posture so your full body shot looks natural and flatters your best features.

  • Wear fitted clothing to balance out lines
  • Wear darker clothes on the bottom than on the top for contrast
  • Sit or stand in a relaxed body position rather than a pose
  • Don’t intentionally look at the camera
  • Include an interesting background by standing in front of something
  • Stand up straight – good posture makes all the difference
  • **And remember, everyone is looking for something different. Don’t be ashamed if your body isn’t ‘perfect’. Having a realistic photo that shows your proportions will attract people who are really interested in you. No surprises. No disappointments.

    Natural Portrait Of Woman in San Francisco | Karina Louise Photography