Men in Suits: Are Suits Making a Comeback in San Francisco?

LinkedIn photos of men in San Francisco

I have a confession to make.

I know I’ve said over and over that San Francisco is a casual city. I have explained how in most of the largest Bay Area industries, men just simply aren’t expected to wear a suit. I have even written about the easy going local style of tech and other creative fields. But, some of my clients still want to get their LinkedIn photo taken in a suit. And, I must admit, a man wearing a suit really does present an air of confidence. Perhaps it’s because he stands and walks differently, as though he feels like he must rise to the occasion of his ensemble. Perhaps he feels a little taller.

And in my experience with portrait photography in San Francisco, the secret to a good photo usually comes when technical expertise and comfort come together. This is why confidence in men and women makes all the difference. In my individual photography sessions, we go through 2-3 changes of clothing. So, although I’m not saying one should definitely wear a full suit for their LinkedIn photo, I am saying that it might just feel pretty darn good.

Here are some recent male clients of mine who opted to wear a suit. I think they all look pretty dashing!

LinkedIn Profile Photo Tip: Please note that I have cropped all these photos into a square because that’s what is required when posting your profile photo to LinkedIn. Be sure to keep that in mind when selecting your photo.

Business photos of men in San Francisco

LinkedIn photos of men in San Francisco

LinkedIn photos by Karina Louise in San Francisco