My Top Tip for Relaxing Your Face in Photos

I find that so many people share the same problems and bad habits in front of the camera. If you don’t already know, I am a portrait photographer who specializes in getting the best natural headshots from people who really hate having their photo taken. In so many ways we are all very similar, but the fun part about my work is that it’s my job to bring out what is special about each client. In each photo shoot I work to help people relax so that we can capture photos that let their unique spirit shine through.

The Trouble with the Same

Do you look exactly the same in all your photos? You know, that perfect camera smile that isn’t a real smile, but rather the one you do when someone pulls out their camera. This is a normal thing. Take a minute right now and scroll through your Facebook. I bet you will find half a dozen people on your feed who do the same thing. Every shot is Blue Steal.

Since I am so bad at telling jokes, I have learned to develop a few tricks to get my clients to loosen up and actually smile for real during their shoot.

Mix it up

It’s pretty simple. I click the shutter every few seconds, and you try to make a new expression at every click. It sounds easy, but it’s more difficult than you might think. Our face tends to keep repeating the same expressions and this is a fun way to loosen up and relax the muscles in your forehead, eye area and jaw. If nothing else, it will definitely get you laughing which makes for a great photo in itself.

Try it with a friend and let me know how it works out!

Funny Faces Series by Karina Louise Photography

Natural headshot of San Francisco Man