NoCal vs SoCal: Beach Photo Shootout

Manhattan Beach Lookout | Karina Louise Photography

I LOVE the beach. It’s really one of my very favorite places to spend time and to take photos. Fortunately, as a San Francisco photographer, I am blessed with the option to regularly use the Pacific as my backdrop for professional profile pictures. The light and the soft backgrounds really are so beautiful.

I appreciate how dynamic and interesting the wind and fog is in the Bay, but sometimes find it to be a little too unpredictable for headshot shoots. Wind-blown hair can be nice in some shots, but it can make it difficult to relax or get a polished LinkedIn photo. So, when a client wants to do shoot at Ocean Beach or Crissy Fields, I usually steer them to a little more controlled and varied location like Yerba Buena gardens or Golden Gate Park.

I recently had a very different kind of photography experience in LA and San Diego. To be honest, I didn’t think my natural portrait style would be appreciated in Southern California. But after several requests for shoots, I took my camera and hopped on a short flight down South for part of “Fogust”. I guess it’s not that surprising that people down there need business portraits and natural online dating photos, too! I had a lovely time meeting and photographing several fun and interesting folks. What a treat to travel and get paid to do what I love!

Beach Profile Photo | Karina Louise Photography

Beach Profile Photo | Karina Louise Photography

My favorite thing about the trip, and what I plan to do more regularly, is sunset beach shoots. I’m not sure if I was just lucky, but every afternoon and evening in LA and San Diego had gorgeous, clear beach sunsets with very little wind. In many ways this makes SoCal beaches a photographer’s dream.

I plan to take another working trip to Southern California at the end of October. Specifically Manhattan Beach and San Diego. Please get in touch if you or someone you know might want to line up your next shoot down South.

The beach is waiting… 🙂

Santa Monica Beach View | Karina Louise Photography