Photo Ideas to Personalize your Service-based Business

Camera Girl | Karina Louise Photography

If you have a business these days you probably also have a blog and a few social media accounts. This is one of the main reasons why I’m so busy as a social media photographer. With the internet now flooded with information, great quality images are what catch people’s attention, receiving the clicks, likes and feedback that everyone wants. In a past post I talked about being your own “brand”. This cannot be truer for a service-based business.

Whether you are a lawyer, a yoga instructor or a graphic designer, great headshots in San Francisco and beyond are essential to show potential clients who you are. But, if you really want to get people’s attention there is the option of posting more photos that involve you beyond just professional profile pictures. You can do this either directly on your blog and website or you can take a few baby steps and practice on your social media accounts. This can feel a little awkward at first, especially if you are a little camera shy, but here are a few tips to personalize your photos without having to post a million selfies!

Show us your office space:

You don’t just have to show your face, showing people your working environment creates connection. Whether it’s the massage room setup or just your desk with your favorite office supplies, these types of photos give people an insight about who you are and an opportunity to enjoy your unique style.

Snap shot your equipment:

What things do you use to provide your service? Perhaps it’s a close-up of a certain kind of organic massage oil or a book that has really influenced you.

Creative Desk | Karina Louise Photography

Show us your customers:

If a picture paints a thousand words, why not make it a testimonial? This could either be of you interacting with a customer or simply a headshot of someone explaining how great your work is. When potential customers can relate to your already happy customers they are more likely to buy from you.

Tour your town:

Showing customers where you live in the world helps them to relate to you. Maybe you do online coaching calls or a destination wedding photographer. It’s nice for people to see where you live/work and what you’re seeing today.

Vancouver Skyline | Karina Louise Photography

Did I miss anything on the list? What pics do you like to use to show us your unique business?


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*Top photo of Karina with camera by Erica Bean Photography.