San Francisco Startup Style Inspiration

Creative Startup Headshot

The Bay Area is arguably the startup capital of the world. When it comes to creating breakthroughs in tech, this city is filled with hungry, talented people who are at the top of their game. The Bay Area seems to be the best place to get it all going, and as a result, people from all over the country (and the world) are coming here. Obviously, smarts and persistence matter.

In my last post about West Coast vs. East Coast style, I talked a bit about the unique style that is present in the tech startup world here in the Bay Area. And since I had also recently written a post about Women’s Corporate Style Tips, I started looking for ways to help out my male clients when they have questions about what to wear to our photo shoots. Marketing yourself is a necessary evil both when launching a new product or recruiting for new talent. This means you need to be seen and you need to have great photos of yourself and potentially your team.

I came across an interesting slideshow and article, finding it inspirational for both creative and professional social media headshots. These guys, much like many of my favorite clients, are young, creative, colorful and intelligent outside the box thinkers that well represent the innovative energy of San Francisco and the integrative style being brought in from all over.

“New York City is the epitome of style. Everyone looks like they’re walking on a runway, not the grimy concrete streets of the city. In San Francisco, people think a hoodie is stylistic. But, I know a number of people that are trying to change that by dressing well, myself included.” Continue to Article