Then Came Instagram- From Weekly Shot to Photo a Day

karina louise professional bay area photographerAs a social media photographer, I have seen a few fads come and go. Sometimes it seems like every other week there is a new “latest thing” that everyone is excited about. And then, as quickly as it came, the new social forum often disappears.

I found the entrance of Instagram to the social market to be interesting, especially as a photographer. When I am not taking professional profile pictures or online dating photos I still like to take interesting snaps of my world. The first way I used to share this was on my professional facebook page in the form of the Weekly Shot. But then came Instagram.funny social media headshotprofessional headshots San Francisco


I signed up for it a while ago, and then, like many other social media profiles, I forgot all about it. Recently I revisited my page, and became inspired by all of the fun, natural and candid photos on the site. I noticed a lot of people were posting ‘a photo a day’ and I loved the idea, so I’ve decided to join them.


feet on instagramprofessional flower shot in San FranciscoAre on Instagram? I’m only a few weeks in right now, but it has been really fun for me to be more creative with what kinds of photos I post online. Be sure to check me out at @karinalouisesf