5 Tips for Looking Thinner in Photos

Karina Louise with camera

One question that I am commonly asked, both for corporate photography and online dating photos is how to look thinner on camera. While you certainly want to represent yourself accurately, there are a few things to keep in mind to look your best without using Photoshop.

1) Black is the New Black. It’s true that black (and other dark colors) can be slimming on camera, and any bumps will just smooth out to the eye. If you like wearing color, try wearing a bright colored blouse or shirt with a dark colored cardigan or blazer.

2) Have a Fit. It’s tempting to hide behind loose-fitting clothing, but it will actually make you look bigger then you are. The edge of the fabric has the potential to look like the edge of your body. Try wearing a belt to help create a waistline.

3) Avoid Patterns & Stripes. Not only do patterns and stripes distract from your face, they can also make you look larger then you are.

4) Higher Angles. Shooting from above can improve the look of your picture. Have the photo taken slightly above you, but not so far above that your body is distorted. Definitely avoid being shot from below if you are concerned about having a double-chin.

5) Power Posing. Stand up straight and stick your chest out. Seriously, standing confidently, and with good posture, creates longer lines and makes you feel and look great.

And remember, don’t get too hung up on it. There’s a very good chance you are more beautiful than you think.