Tinder Tips for Men

Pixel Art Man by Karina Louise

This thing has become so popular I had to write about it. Again. Tinder just keeps coming up in conversation. My online dating photo clients want to talk about increasing their chances of winning in this fast and furious dating game. Many of these are San Francisco tech guys and they are looking for tips on dating.

My personal philosophy is through the lens of natural photography and being true to yourself. But in some cases I understand that our instincts might fail us. So to help, I decided to write a second installment of my previous Tinder Tips for Women. This one’s for you, gentlemen…

Men: Top Five Tinder Photo Tips

Man from behind | Karina Louise

1. Keep your shirt on.
The truth is, even if you have something spectacular under there, we don’t want to see your chest in the first 20 seconds of making your online acquaintance. In general, women are a bit less visual than men so what you think you might want to see from your female counterpart is not actually what we want. Keep it tasteful and leave a little mystery please.

2. Make her smile.
Funny is good. Rather than saying you have a sense of humor why not try to find a visual way to show it. Maybe post something of yourself at a costume party or doing something silly. I recommend this for secondary photos only. Keep in mind that with Tinder you are telling your story in photos instead of words. Show something worth saying.

3. Avoid obvious selfies.
Let’s be honest- bathroom mirrors are the worst! We have all seen this done and its a sad thing to watch. If you can’t afford professional profile pictures you have alternatives. Set up your camera on a timer or ask a friend to snap some pics. But whatever you do, stay out of the bathroom!

4. Be loud and proud.
Sometimes guys put images on profiles that are dark, have been taken from far away or at odd angles. Make sure your images are clear and show what you actually look like. I recommend using a great head shot of you smiling and looking into the camera as the main photo. But make sure to follow up with secondary photos that show more of your figure/form and potentially your personality.

5. Mix it up.
Remember if you’re not getting the amount of attention you want on Tinder, it’s not you, it’s your photos! Try a photo you like as your main profile pic for a week or two and if you’re not getting the attention you deserve, try a different one.