Tinder Tips for Women

woman on iPhone

OK, so there is this new online dating app that has everyone talking. Well actually, it has everyone “swiping”. Basically, it works with the maps function on your phone to find other singles in your area. Seems like a fun way to meet people right? Yes, but your photos are now even more crucial to dating success!

As a social media photographer specializing in online dating photos I get asked lots of questions about how to get noticed online. And with this very specific San Francisco based niche, my curiosity about new online dating platforms is never-ending. I think my favorite description of Tinder comes from the tldrWikipedia page: “Tinder is a location based social app that allows users the superiority that comes with rejecting someone without the hassle of dating them first.”

This new form of online dating is totally fast, totally furious and anyone who has used it knows that you have about 3 seconds to make a good impression. Since it is my work to make you shine online, I have created some Tinder advice specifically for the ladies. Here are my best tips for getting swiped right!

Turquoise Left Arrow by Karina Louise

Ladies: Top 5 Tinder Photo Tips

1) Keep it current.

Nobody likes a fake out! There is nothing worse than showing up on a first date and surprising/disappointed the person you are meeting because you look much older in person. Showing your natural and current self from the beginning can help you to avoid this.

2) Show a little skin.

When laying out your wardrobe options, think bare shoulders or a cute summer dress, but stay away from sexy poses, lots of cleavage, etc. There are ways of showing your figure without posting a bathing suit photo. You may get more attention, but not from men who want a long-term relationship.

3) Avoid the guessing game.

Try to stay away from too many group shots, especially for the first two photos. You don’t want potential dates wondering which one you are!

4) Bye-bye bad lighting.

Using soft natural lighting and hiring a professional photographer can help you to make sure you still look like you. I would also suggest going easy on the photoshopping. Generally speaking, less is more when it comes to attraction.

5) Leave them wanting more.

And in keeping with the theme of less is more, stereotypically speaking, men like a bit of a challenge. I highly suggest only posting around 5 photos. This way they need to get in contact if they are curious about who you really are.