Top 5 Reasons to get New Photos in the New Year

  1. Fresh Face– it’s a new year. You survived the holidays and are back to the real world, your regular life and all that comes with it. With the year comes New Year’s resolutions which may have to do with building your business or igniting your love life. Why not get new social media pictures and quality headshots for your online business forums?
  2. The Perfect Shot– you still don’t have photos that you absolutely love of yourself. Whether you consider yourself photogenic or camera shy, whether you have had great experiences with San Francisco portrait photography or took your last glamor shot 20 years ago in your best friends garage, it’s probably time to finally get a few great pics of yourself that you can be truly proud of.
  3. Out with the Old– let’s face it, your face has changed. Having a LinkedIn profile picture of yourself circa 1992 is all well and good unless it actually brings you business! There is nothing worse than meeting up for an initial lunch meeting and spending the first 10 minutes of the conversation adjusting to just how different the person you are meeting looks in contrast to their profile pic. And it’s even worse with online dating photos during that first date!
  4. The Real You is Best– hiding behind too much makeup, fake lighting and studio style shots that are highly “shopped” is no way to generate authentic interest in yourself as a business person or potential love interest. Some of the best online dating help can be summed up in 2 words: be yourself. Having a natural portrait can be an important key to creating authentic success and love in your life.
  5. Better than the Rest– most people don’t take their photo seriously enough. That’s why online dating and business portrait photography are becoming such important industries. With 1 in 13 people on the planet having a Facebook account it’s no wonder the digital realm has become such an important avenue to get your face, product, cause or personal search out to the world. So what are you saying about yourself with your current profile pictures. Perhaps it’s time in 2012 to say something, better.