Weekly Shot Gallery

As a photographer I get to see some pretty wonderful things. I want to take you behind the lens of my life.

Picture Title: “JUICE BOX” Diversity| Innocence| Refreshment

Always meeting friends and colleagues for coffee?

When is the last time you met up for a juice box?






Picture Title: “SEE NO EVIL” Intuition| Commitment| Reality

In work and in love the truth is always there. It is our choice whether we are ready/willing to see it. Open up to what is real, uncover your eyes!







Picture Title: “REACH” Opportunity| Energy| Response

Every day we are faced with chances to expand- our friendships, our romances, our careers. And with each interaction and each decision comes an opportunity to grow. Pushing past our perception of our limits is the very definition of growth. Today, let’s step out of our comfort zone and reach!




Picture Title: “KNOCKING OPPORTUNITY” Awareness| Symbolism| Expression

The enjoyment of life is a matter of perspective. For this reason, love can be found everywhere. Seeing the best in people and moments can make each day an event. What can you do to make your ordinary day extraordinary?





Picture Title: “THUMBS UP” Experience| Acceptance| Enjoyment

Wise people will often say that the more they know, the less they understand. So perhaps true enlightenment comes from us accepting how little we really know. This picture reminds me that no matter how my life goes and no matter how long it will last, enjoying it is up to me. Are you giving your life the affirmation and encouragement it needs today?




Picture Title: “LOUD” Living| Dreaming| Expressing

There is a time for everything. A time to dance and a time to rest. A time to catch and a time to release. But this picture reminds me that there is a time to be quiet and a time to scream. Don’t let it all just build up- feel your life along the way, every day. So whether you are outgoing or shy, whether you consider yourself weak or strong, try to find a way today to do something out of the ordinary. Live. Out. Loud.


This week’s Weekly Shot is about hope.

Picture Title: “MAKE A WISH” Honesty| Belief| Release

What does it take to create the life you want? Sometimes we are so busy making things happen we forget to make wishes. But in the absence of birthday candles, we still have the power to ask for our dreams. Stop today, preferably somewhere beautiful. Take a moment to be clear with yourself about what you want. Make a wish, believing it will come true and then let the outcome go. You will certainly be amazed at what happens next…



Picture Title: “BLANK CANVAS” Crossroads| Possibility| Desire

Life is all about the journey, not the destination. But what if your path currently has you standing still? What if you don’t know where to go next? Maybe it’s time to seize the uncharted territory and write your own map. Or perhaps it’s time to simply enjoy the view…






“WONDER” Simple| Exciting| Discovery

It is easy to see our world through a clouded lens of experience, fear and damage. But children are blank slates, seeing the world as new and fresh, colorful and wild. Take some time today to notice a child noticing the world and allow a little wonder in.





“SHARE” Laughter| Warmth| Support

Whether you share an inspirational sentiment via email with someone or share a laugh over a cup of coffee, remember today that you are not an island because we are all in this together!








“DARE” Original| Authentic| Individual

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder than perhaps we should dare to be beautiful. Dare to see things differently. Dare to be comfortable in your own skin. Dare to be you.





Professional man cheering


This week’s Weekly Shot: “CHEER” Self Confidence| Positivity| Encouragement

Your inner spirit is totally unique and the only thing that can create real change in your world. Cheer yourself and others on today to be their best and to enjoy the ride.San Francisco Headshot of man in glasses







This week’s Weekly Shot: “STYLE” Bold| Original| Expressive

What does “having style” mean to you? To me it’s about find your own voice- your own way of doing things and then moving forward in confidence. It’s about making sure you are having fun. This picture reminds me to add some red to the gray of life!

woman in cat whiskers with good self esteem





This week’s Weekly Shot: “PERFECT” Relative| Genuine| Unique

This photo wasn’t taken in a room full of people with cat-like face paint but it was taken in a room full of fearless souls. Self-expression can set you free and inspire those around you to do the same. There is no such thing as normal, and please- pardon the pun- but you are Perrrrrfect!

blond woman protesting for love





This week’s Weekly Shot: “PROTEST” Courageous| Idealistic| Individual

Dare to be different, dare to be you.




woman creating art





This week’s Weekly Shot: “CREATE” Color| Imagination| Expression

Paint your world today, whatever colors that bring you the most joy.