What NOT to Wear, Part 1

photoshoot tips, no turtlenecksMy job is all about people. That’s the deal with natural portrait photography– my work is to help individuals to look their best. And it’s my job to understand things like lighting, background and focus. But when my clients are preparing to shoot with me for their corporate headshots or online dating photos, there is always a single most popular question:

 “What should I wear to my photo shoot?”

And so, in response, I would like to start a list of what NOT to wear.

Do Not Wear Turtlenecks.  Unless you have a long lean neck, this is not going to be flattering. You will more than likely look like a floating head!photo tips, no sungalsses

Do Not Wear Sunglasses. You might think you look cool, but it’s hard to see what you really look like. For online dating especially, a sunglasses photo could be used along with several other photos, but definitely not as a main profile photo. The question will inevitably become “What is he/she hiding?”

For info on what you should wear, check out my work as a social media photographer.