What Not to Wear, Part 2

In our last blog about what to wear for photo shoots, I listed some important “don’ts”. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that the goal of your online dating photos or corporate headshots is to look your best. But often, people seem to get lost in the fog on what that means when it comes to wardrobe. So, in an effort to help, here are a few more to add to the list of what not to wear in professional profile pictures. When people ask:

“What should I wear to my photo shoot?” I tell them what NOT to wear!

social media photo tips woman


Do not wear: Loose fitting, flowing blouses are a definite no-no in pictures. While thisclothes that fit social media woman might look cool in real life balanced by your fitted pants, you will appear much heavier from the waist up and in the full body shots. In order to avoid this, I recommend wearing your favorite clothes that you know fit you well. No need for skin tight attire, just something that makes you look and feel confident.



Do not wear: Bright distracting patterns or logos draw attention away from your face which is never a good thing if you are trying to make a good first impression.

social media photo tips manDespite the power of photo shop to minimize this, it’s a good policy when laying out portrait photography tips manthat outfit for your shoot to stay clear of distractions.Whether in love or career, you want to put your best face forward which means not drawing attention away from it.

As a natural portrait photographer, it’s my job to help you look your best, and I will. So please, help me help you!