What NOT to Wear, Part 3

So many people want to know how to get the most out of their photo shoot with me. After working as a social media photographer as well as taking hundreds of corporate headshots, there are a few tips I have learned along the way. In what not to wear part 1 and what not to wear part 2, I listed some important “don’ts”. I have received some really positive feedback about the clear examples I am giving to help people avoid wardrobe mistakes. So, in an effort to help, here are a few more to add to the list of what not to wear in professional profile pictures. When people ask:

“What should I wear to my photo shoot?” I tell them what NOT to wear!

dont wear ponytails in pictures

Do not wear ponytails– very rarely photograph well. Unfortunately it usually looks like you have little or no hair. This can of course be counteracted by the angle at which the photo is taken. But why chance it that one of your best “takes” could also be one that looks like you have no hair?! I always tell my clients to be comfortable and to be themselves. But even if you wear a ponytail every day, on the day of your session, I highly recommend letting your hair down for the sake of making your photo session more successful.

dont wear white in picturesDo not wear white– it draws attention away from the face and can, depending on your skin tone, wash you out. Somewhat ironically, colorful clothing can have the opposite effect, bringing out your eyes, flattering your skin tone and adding interest to any photo. So unless you are a bride, I recommend avoiding the color white in your headshots because we want the attention to go to your face, not your clothes.

Professional profile pictures are my job and my passion. Everything I do in my work is designed to make you shine online. And just because something looks good in person doesn’t mean it will come out well on camera.