Why I Don’t Do Weddings (and what changed my mind.)

I used to say that I love photographing people, but I DON’T do weddings. I had shot some before and had long since decided that they were just too stressful. With so many pressures and expectations, too many things can go wrong. And most of the time, there is just too much drama! 

But I recently bent the rules as a result of a great engagement shoot . After a fantastic time together with Erin & Eric during our shoot, they had asked me to photograph their wedding. They were both so sweet during their engagement shoot that I simply couldn’t say no.

happy wedding photosFrom the Bride- Meeting Karina

I found Karina’s work on Facebook–several friends posted portraits she had taken, and they were all beautiful, natural pictures.  Karina uses natural lighting and brings out the best in her subjects.  Being a photophobe, I was not looking forward to having engagement or wedding pictures taken, but Karina’s presence set me at ease from the moment I met her.  When our engagement pictures turned out to be absolutely beautiful, I asked Karina to join us as our wedding photographer. 

When the day came to photograph the Friedman wedding, I have to admit, I was a little apprehensive. I had made this rule about not photographing weddings for lots of reasons and I was going to be breaking my own rule. But the day turned out to be delightful. Even with a few last minute logistical issues, everyone stayed calm and positive. I felt so privileged to be welcomed into the inner circle of the day, getting to share in some of the most intimate family moments. It was a real honor.

From the Bride- The Wedding Day

I’m so glad I asked Karina to be our wedding photographer.  Her presence set me at ease on our wedding day, and her calm demeanor was welcomed by friends and family.  Multiple people commented to me that they really enjoyed being around her–yet she was able to become almost “invisible” during intimate moments of the wedding day and capture the most beautiful, moving images.  natural wedding shot

It was also super satisfying knowing that these photos were going to mean so much to them for many, many years to come. So, although it took a lot of energy and focus that day, I decided to change my philosophy about wedding photography. In an effort to keep it fresh, I have decided to select one wedding to photograph per quarter. This will keep the bulk of my schedule open for social media portraits and executive headshots as well as to keep my energy and creativity focused to get the best out of all my clients.  

From the Bride- Memories for a Lifetime

When we shared the pictures with our loved ones, many people commented that they were some of the most beautiful wedding pictures they had ever seen.  People tend to be superlative when it comes to weddings, but in this case I agree–the pictures are gorgeous, moving, and most of all natural.  Karina captured our love and the support of the most beloved people in our lives.  As a reformed “non-photogenic” person, I encourage everyone to work with a great photographer–specifically Karina Louise–to help you see your own inner beauty.

Thanks and Congratulations to Erin & Eric! 🙂